• Administration and Support (3)

    Leila Cabarle - Finance, Administrative and Personnel Officer
    Elvira Taguiam - Cashier
  • Center for Restorative Action (1)

    The Center for Restorative Action (CRA) is a trailblazing HLAF program.  It was developed to address the lack of a training center and trainers to provide knowledge and resource on restorative justice and juvenile justice.  For the last six years, CRA has proven that the Philippine Juvenile Justice and Welfare System is implementable in the Barangays (local communities).

    For this program cycle, HLAF will continue to provide LGU's, law enforcement officers, social workers, legal practitioners, children's rights workers, volunteers and other stakeholders with innovative and leading methodologies in handling CAR and CICL cases.

    Claudette Averilla Almadin, RSW - Senior Social Worker
  • Jail Decongestion (4)

    HLAF's Jail Decongestion Program (JD) is our flagship program.  All other programs are designed to support the goals of the jail decongestion program.  It has run since HLAF's establishment and has since evolved from a traditional lawyering project into an alternative lawyering program.

    In this program cycle, we aim to decongest jails by focusing on the perspective, attitudes and knowledge of duty-bearers and the community.  While we continue to scour the jails and the court records for inmates who are eligible to be released and work for their releases, we will simultaneously work to change the punitive attitudes of the community and key jail officers.  We believe that by doing this, duty-bearers and members of the community alike will be more sensitive to prevent arbitrary, unlawful and unnecessary deprivation of liberty.

    Juanito S. Vinluan, LL.B., RSW - Jail Decongestion Officer
    Alaras Alfredo - Assistant Jail Decongestion Officer
    Atty. Jean Aubree Ruby Sadural - Jail Decongestion Program Manager
    Melvin Caymo - Paralegal Officer
  • Focused Reintegration of Ex-Detainees (2)

    The Focused Reintegration of Ex-Detainees  (FRED) is another cutting-edge HLAF program which was designed to address a very glaring gap in the Philippine criminal justice system: the fate of ex-detainees after being released.  Three years after its audacious initial implementation, we have finally started to design an enhanced and comprehensive reintegration program.

    For this program cycle, HLAF's FRED program will address the individual needs of the ex-detainees by focusing on their psychological, emotional and spiritual needs within the context of his/her family.  HLAF will also capacitate the community to be responsive to the needs of the ex-detainees and HLAF will provide ex-detainees with a small amount of money to prime their reintegration and rehabilitation within the community.

    Carmelita Torrefiel - Community Organizer
    Wendell Manaloto - Social Worker
  • HLAF Comms (1)

    The Communications Office develops a communication strategy that is essential to raise the awareness of the stakeholders of the community about the duty bearers that are involved in HLAF’s programs and interventions through the different activities Communications will perform. It taps  duty bearers, national government agencies, non-government organizations, local government units and stakeholders of the community to take part in the organization’s advocacies.

    For the program cycle, 2017-2019, the communications office looks forward for another goal to promote HLAF’s programs and advocacies to the target audience.

    Ma. Luisa Bautista - Communications Officer
  • Volunteers (3)

    Bryan Engay - Volunteer Psychologist
    Reymark Radjuli - Volunteer Digital Graphic Artist
    Donald Delgado - Volunteer Graphic Artist