Barangays initiate to organize their city’s own BCPC Federation

Written by Ma. Luisa Bautista

Partner barangays of the Humanitarian Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc. (HLAF) from Quezon City, Malabon and Navotas established their city’s own Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) Federation.

Through the support of HLAF, facilitated by HLAF Community Organizers, Ms. Emy Torrefiel and Mr. Kio Jerome dela Peña, Quezon City District II, Navotas and Quezon City District V arranged the meeting last Feb. 17, 23 and 25 respectively to hold the election for their BCPC Federation.

Malabon City’s BCPC Federation held their election last July 15, 2016 during the 3rd BCPC Kamustahan at the Penthouse of Malabon City Hall.

BCPC members testified that having a BCPC Federation in every city will acquire them a standardized referral system and will help the processing of children-at-risk and children-in-conflict-with-the-law cases and BCPC networking. It also opens the opportunity to help one another.


BCPC Federation Elected Officers 

Quezon City District II BCPC Federation

Chairman                           Robielyn Abagao

Co-Chairman                      Linda Natavio

Secretary                           Sarina Cebujano

Treasurer                            Aracelli Varon

Navotas BCPC Federation

Chairman                            Marivic Dela Paz

Co- Chairman                      Romeo Soriano (external)

                                          Manuel Salao (internal)

Secretary                            Edith Sagun

Treasurer                             Charisse Cruz

PRO                                    Nelda Baron (District 1)

                                          Geraldine Gonzales (District 2)

Malabon BCPC Federation

Chairman                            Eduardo Antoja, Jr.

Co-Chairman                       Ofelia Magat

Secretary                             Joan Tancho

Treasurer                             Edna Morit

P.R.O                                   Arnel Mendoza

                                           Vladimir Garcia

Restorative Justice Board Members 

Ma. Cristina Uy

Carolina Tolipas

Leonardo Fernandez

Analeen Alzaga

Cecil de Guzman

Ma. Victoria Gonzales


BCPC members agreed to set another meeting in order to create the BCPC Federation officers’ duties and responsibilities.