FRED junior phase holds first session this 2017

Written by Ma. Luisa Bautista

The Focused Reintegration of Ex-Detainees (FRED) program junior phase conducted the first session this year at the Quezon City Jail – Male Dorm last Jan. 31. 


The FRED junior phase aims to equip the inmates with values and life skills that they will need upon and after release. 


HLAF Senior Community Organizer, Ms. Claudette Almadin, RSW, said that the junior phase is important as it will be the preparation (to come back to the community) of the inmates when released. 


“In the junior phase, we (HLAF) try to re-establish oneself (of the inmates) in order to build foundation after their release.” Ms. Almadin added. 


To do this, HLAF chose inmates who are projected to be released within the next two to three months last Oct. 14, 2016.This intervention program is in partnership with the Quezon City Jail Male Dorm and HLAF launched the first session of the junior phase at the Quezon City Jail Male Dorm last Oct. 28, 2016. 


There are at least 10 sessions during the junior phase. The topic includes: "What is valuable for me?", "most person that influence me most", "the worst thing a person can do", "decision making", "responsibilities and consequences of actions", "the person I want to become", "what’s good about me?" and "my concept of an ideal and my contribution to it". 


HLAF Community Organizers, Ms. Claudette Almadin, RSW, Ms. Carmelita Torrefiel and Mr. Kio Jerome dela Peña, led the session together with the students of the Pamantasang Lungsod ng Maynila. The first session tackled screening and evaluation to be able to know more about them (the inmates). 


Why reintegrate ex-detainees? 

Usually, people being detained in jails, guilty or not guilty, most of them adapt to new set of morals and values. These morals and values are, mostly, not accepted in the society. In order to prepare the inmates for their release, HLAF aims to prepare them in their reintegration in the society through helping them by facilitating the re-orientation of their morals and values. In doing this, the inmates will be able to re-establish better foundation to be socially-functional identity. 


Community Stakeholders Involved 


HLAF will manage the implementation of the program.  HLAF will coordinate with the other partners in so far as the implementation of FRED is concerned.  HLAF will also provide the necessary staff and personnel to ensure that the activities in this program are implemented. 



The BJMP will recommend eligible inmates who shall undergo the junior phase of the Program.  The BJMP will also provide a suitable venue within the jail where HLAF can conduct the FRED activities for the beneficiaries.  The BJMP will also be responsible for the security of HLAF personnel and volunteers. 



The barangays will assist HLAF in locating the home of the beneficiary for the purpose of home visitation.  The barangay will assist HLAF in monitoring the progress of the beneficiary.  Lastly the barangay will encourage the ex-detainees to avail of the services available to the barangay. 


Youth Participation 

Last Jan. 31, students from the Pamantasang Lungsod ng Maynila joined the junior phase session. These students are 3rd year and 4th year BS Social Work students taking their community-based hands-on laboratory and internship at HLAF respectively. The junior phase sessions will happen twice a week, every Tuesday and Wednesday, until March, 2017 in order to accommodate and let the students experience focused participation with the inmates and the intervention program. 


According to Facebook testimonial from 3rd year BS Social Work student, Lem Gardose, that it feels good to erase the feeling of fear to mingle with the persons behind bars… (I realized that) it is very different story (when you look inside) the jail… and you’ll see in their eyes the stories they want to achieve once they’re released. 



The FRED junior phase is interrelated with the intervention program of FRED with the ex-detainees at the community. This step is necessary for continuous acceptance of clients to be reintegrated in the community.