JO1 Burlaos: Being a BJMP officer is one of the most fulfilling moment in (my) life


“There’s no room for failure, only doors of success”. When you look at it, you might say that it is just a simple saying, but for the person who said this, it has a deep meaning.

If you fail, you shouldn’t have to stay on that, instead, look for the better way for you to get up. There are so many opportunities in life, and for you to get that, you should have to take some risks and always look on the positive side of it.

Being a woman is just the same as man, the way they do works and tasks, the way how the show their strong personalities and the way of showing how decided they are. In fact, for some instances, women are more determined than men particularly on decision making. In short, a woman is equal to man. That is how JO1 Sherelyn Burlaos defined a woman.

JO1 Sherelyn Burlaos is not just a girl nor lady, but a brave woman who faces difficulties in life but despite of those hardships, she didn’t give up. She is a WDS and a Community Relation Service officer of the Manila City Jail, and is currently 7 years and 4 months in service. She has 4 children and a single mom. Being a BJMP it is hard to balance her time in different designations since BJMP has lack of staffs, but still, she is working on it. And being a mother is one of the most challenging moment in her life, yet the most satisfaction feeling especially when she is with her children. With her busy schedule, she still manages to make time for her children and in fact, her older child is now a graduate of senior high school. In addition with her satisfaction in life is when she knows that someone (ex-PDLs) changes because of the help of them.

All of the hard works, we all have our role model, and for her, Warden Supt. Catherine L. Abueva is the one who served as her role model. Being a simple and a humble person makes you more respectful and venerable.

As JO1 Sherelyn Burlaos advice for those who wants to enter BJMP, being a BJMP officer is one of the most fulfilling moment in life, why? Simply because, you do not just help, but you develop a person’s perspective in life, you changed someone’s life to be the best version of them. You will have the fashion and care to help them change their wrong doings.