JO3 Telan: Kaya ng babae ang ginagawa ng mga lalaki.


Women are fighters who can certainly give their best in many ways. Women before were powerless because of men. But, many has changed. They now have the power to voice out their concerns which helped them become more respected. As what JO3 Malou B.Telan, a Paralegal Officer at Manila City Jail, always says, “Kaya ng babae ang ginagawa ng mga lalaki.” People think that only men work at BJMP because of the possibility that the PDLS can have riots inside their dormitories and other scenarios that only men can handle. Little do they know, there are also women who work there and Ma’am Telan is one of them. She is a solid proof that women also can.  

Looking back, growing up wasn’t an easy for her as compared to others. She grew up in Brgy. Barotac, Nuevo, IloIlo. There, she was molded as an independent person. She came from a poor family. But, her determination to move out of the situation they were in never wavered. She finished her elementary to high school days all the while helping her family look for food and do most of the work load in their household. After high school, she wanted to continue studying and pursue computer science. However, because of the financial problems, her parents can’t send her to college. But, this didn’t stop her. She juggled her studies and work as a maid just so she can finish college. Though that wasn’t her first choice, she took Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in General Science. She persevered and voila, she was able to do it. After being a working student, all the sacrifices and hard works paid off when she graduated as Cum Laude.

While seeking for a job at the BJMP, he was working also on her license as a professional.  Ma’am Telan never had second thoughts to try and work at BJMP. She deemed it as an important calling. She was also at the point where she really needed to work for her parents. The work suited her as an educator. She believed that she can share well her knowledge to others through good communication. She’s now 15 years at the BJMP. She has experienced being a custodial, searcher, escort, admin, records and operation officer. Ma’am Telan also met her husband at the training.  At present, she is a mother of four and by God’s grace, they’ll be five soon. She admitted that sometimes being a full-time working mom is not easy since she has to make sure that she balances her commitment to her profession as well as to her family. 

Her message to aspiring BJMP Female officers is, never think that they can’t. Never be afraid and be responsible and positive always. There is no such thing as a difficult job if one is persistent. Let’s prove that women are more dominant than men. Stand proud that we are women.