HLAF conducts seminar-workshop to ADMU OSCI students



QUEZON, CITY – In partnership with Ateneo de Manila University Office of Social Concern and Involvement (ADMU – OSCI), Humanitarian Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc. (HLAF) conducted a seminar-workshop among the OSCI students last March 17 at Ateneo de Manila University for their final day of immersion program with HLAF. Beneficiaries of HLAF’s program Focused Reintegration of Ex-Detainees (FRED) also participated on the seminar-workshop.

The immersion program with HLAF for OSCI students started last March 12. The students visited Manila City Jail, Mandaluyong City Jail and Caloocan City Jail as part of the immersion program set by the HLAF Jail Decongestion team. For the final day of their immersion program, HLAF facilitated a seminar-workshop with the batch two of OSCI students with three beneficiaries of FRED program.

Fifteen OSCI students were divided to three groups and distributed to each FRED beneficiaries. Different workshop activities were conducted which paved the way in getting to know the experiences of the beneficiaries when they were detainees and even after they were released from jail. OSCI students also discussed and shared their ideas on how they could help detainees and ex-detainees and the possible activities to be formulated for the benefit of them.

The seminar-workshop was spearheaded by Mr. Melvin B. Caymo and Mr. Juanito S. Vinluan and was also facilitated by Ms. Carmelita Torrefiel, Mr. Jamil Nuevo, Atty. Aubree Sadural and interns from Batangas State University under the supervision of Ms. Jeannette Claveria.