HLAF taps Manila City Jail for Ateneo OSCI students’ immersion, conducts jail tour and orientation



“…we challenge ourselves na sa BJMP ay pinagbabago namin ang buhay (ng mga persons deprived of liberty) at hindi kami kumukuha ng buhay.” J/SINSP Jayrex Bustinera quoted during the jail tour and orientation for the Ateneo de Manila University Office of Social Concerns and Involvement (OSCI) students at Manila City Jail, March 13.

J/SINSP Bustinera stated that as a Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) Officer, one of their duties is to strategically fill the need of the PDLs for family’s love and attention as the answer for Ateneo OSCI’s Formator, Ms. Jeans Claveria, question on where do BJMP grasp the inspiration and strength to continue the humane safekeeping and development for PDLs.

As the orientation proceeded at the Manila City Jail, J/SINSP Bustinera led the tour as he stated the historical background of Manila City Jail since 1865 and the transition period to city government of Manila and to BJMP. The immersion continued as they took the opportunity for the students to introduce themselves and establish their expectations for the jail visit.

J/INSP Adelo Natividad then took the floor to explain the programs and services of Manila City Jail and the daily, monthly and seasonal activities such as Ati-Atihan, Chinese Dragon Dance, Earth Hour Day, Alternative Learning System Graduation, TESDA Ceremonials, etc.



For future jail visits of Ateneo OSCI students, Mr. Melvin Caymo, RCrim and Ms. Jeans Claveria discussed the Jail’s Rules and Regulations for visitors’ dress code and how to properly communicate with PDLs.

They were also graced by the present of Mr. Bert, the PDLs from the viral video Paano Mo Nasabi, as he gave a short introduction about himself and the Manila City Jail.

The areas where the students have had the chance for their jail tour were in Main Tower, Dorm 4 Cuernas, Livelihood area, Commissary areas, Integrated Chapel, Igleasia ni Kristo Church, bakery and the kitchen.

The tour consists of 15 OSCI students, 3 Criminology students from Philippine College of Health Sciences, 1 Ateneo student Formator and 4 HLAF staff.