HLAF provides virtual consultations to Barangays

Written by Melvin




Amidst the Enhanced Community Quarantine, here’s how HLAF engage with its community partners in dealing with its advocacy on Children.

News and online articles about children, and how do emergency response teams handle them are circulating currently amid the strict home quarantine implemented by the government, but some are seen to have difficulties in handling children in coping-up with the situation. People may find it hard to look for people with specific and strong knowledge in handling children, implementing child-friendly guidelines, and protecting their rights.

Online consultations provide a forum to hear from stakeholders, virtually. It has quickly become a favored and good practice among collaborative mentors, like HLAF.

As collaborative leaders in promoting the rights, welfare, and well-being of children, HLAF with stakeholders like the: Barangay, and the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) creates meaningful forums for as many of those voices as possible to be heard, and considered.

HLAF have seen the importance to guide its mentees, even with not meeting personally. The BCPCs roles are important in a barangay. They are the first to respond and manage cases, and address the needs of Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) and Children at Risk (CAR) cases in all stages. They are HLAF’s partners in promoting and protecting their welfare.

HLAFs’ online consultations give aid to those running queries that the barangays have. It ensures that the speed of the engagement process does not undermine the quality of the decisions made. In fact, the significant increase in community participation realized and the forum it provides for meaningful input and exchange of ideas, leads not only to quicker decisions, but sounder ones too, for children, with the added benefit of being able to engage more often as a result of the time gained.

The online consultations also bring out the plans and ready-programs of HLAF’s partner barangays. A good example is how HLAF’s partner BCPCs pledge to continue serving their people, especially our children in protecting and promoting their rights, welfare, and well-being in times like this pandemic. They added that it is vital to expand our awareness, our knowledge, and our attitude towards battling together in this health crisis.