How HLAF guided the Paralegal Officers and Paralegal Aides to be effective in their “Special Duty”

Written by Melvin Nuñez

An accord Special Duty




Paralegals aren't lawyers but they do a lot of legal tasks, such as drafting motions, researching the law and collecting evidence. Prison advocate paralegals use their skills on behalf of prisoners, fighting to protect their legal rights and determining if they are being treated humanely. Paralegals who take up this line of work usually find the motivation in their personal ideals, like HLAF.


HLAF has trained Paralegal Aides since then. The organization, through its founder Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, believes that the right to liberty should be respected not only because it is guaranteed by the highest law of the land but because it emanates from the very dignity of every human being.


But, wait. What’s a Paralegal Aide again?


A Paralegal Aide, an individual with strong commitment to help his internees understand in the knowledge of law, has a strong will to learn about our Constitution, and creates compassion to everyone, inside his surroundings, a PDL.


Thus, HLAF is committed to work for the freedom of every person who is arbitrarily and unjustly deprived of liberty.


            What can a Paralegal Aide in Jail even do?


            HLAF has given us a deeper human understanding that even PDLs (Persons deprived of Liberty) can still help their internee”, according to SJO3 Ellen L. Balan, Quezon City Jail – Male dorm.


The Paralegal office is as well training PDLs and qualified Paralegal aides on the Basic Rights of PDLs, the Miranda Rights, Modes of Release, and other subjects, like what HLAF do. “We equip them with guides, kalimitan walang grado ang PDLs. Kaya’t laking pasasalamat namin na tinutulungan kami ng HLAF dahil sa mga programa nila na ganito”, the grateful SJO3 Balan said.


            Moreover, she hopes that HLAF still continue their Paralegal Trainings for PDLs. It has been seen that there are already freed PDLs. “We want to continue this journey with you”.